Search Engine optimization (SEO) included with every site:

SEO is an important part of a consistent and credible web presence.
It is very important to be found on Google.

I provide these 4 basic SEO service at no additional charge with every web site:

1. Submission to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other web site indexing services.

2. Site Maps for web index “spiders”.

3. Social media links to your existing media.

4. Site description. This is what a google search summarizes about your business.


Additional SEO services available:
1 month ($100)
3 months ($250)
6 months (500)

Traffic reports – how is your site found, what keywords are searched for to find your site among the many competing sites?

Site modifications based on these traffic reports.Meta tags, keywords, description modified based on real reports.

Setup of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram.

Social media monitoring. Getting trashed on Yelp? I can help.

Meta links: Embedded keywords to bring up your search ranking. Page Title optimizations.

Google analytics / webmaster tools.

 This step requres your input: Articles, blog posts, video sharing, press releases, customer testimonials.

You know your business.

I can popularize the information you provide.
Nothing says “I am engaged with my business” like these items.

Fine tuned and directed advertisements

Google Adwords - locally targeted  advertisements based on your budget, starting at $50 per month to google.

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