Video Services

Digital Sound and Picture creates stunning DVD’s from your videos. and imagery.
We can convert your snapshots, video or even 8mm films into dramatic animated DVD’s with music of the times.
We provide a moving visual story of a person’s life, that is especially appreciated during birthdays and celebrations of life.

It’s YOUR life – Celebrate it!
Even a series of still images can be made into a moving and dramatic presentation.

I curated the Fleet Science Center’s video presence on Youtube for over 15 years, and filmed and edited the Experiment of the Month series and many other video projects.

I perform quality video taping, conversion, recording and editing using state of the art software.

See videos below for quality samples.

High quality studio equipment is used for recording and editing.
Projects created here are fully compatible and can be taken to any studio in the world for continued work or mastering.
Share your video with the world or just selected people.
Your family videos can be converted to a format suitable for sharing with the world on your own website, Vimeo, YouTube, or other video hosting sites.

Digital Sound and Picture Projects over many years.

Pride: In the Name of Love

The Science Experiment of the Month for the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, part of a series.

Sunny, Sweet, and Everything Neat for diver Steven Brunswick

Thanatology: A clip from Cosmation

Show reel for actress Kaj Mollenhauer

Teeth, Claws and Jaws 
Great white sharks known as Carcaradon carcarius and other major predators of the seas. All photography by Stephen Brunson. edited & recorded by DSP for Brunson in the SD 2007 Underwater Film Festival 

Experiment of the Month for the Fleet  Science Center.

Every thousand years, a mysterious tower rises from the wastelands, climbs into the sky, and blossoms for a few moments before dissolving back into its unknown origins. 

Original CGI animation

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